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The 4ST3 light range finder is used for measuring slant distances,

elevations and distances at survey and geodetic operations. The 4ST3 light range finder can be used as separate instrument or it can be mounted on optical theodolites of 3T series for simultaneous measurement of angles and distances. The 4ST3 light range finder features 4-line illuminated liquid-crystal display and control panel for information input. The 4ST3 light range finder ensures the following: data input: dates, measurement result, picket number, picket feature, etc.- into internal memory and output to PC via RS 232 interface; self-diagnosis; automatic (via built-in sensors) and manual input of pressure, temperature; calculation of standard deviation or mean value; manual input of vertical angle values prior measured by theodolite; input of reflector coefficient; selection of distance measurement units: m, mm selection of angle input units: degrees, gons; supply voltage control: sound and light discharge indication; signal level control; signal loss indication; time indication: hours, minutes; measurement of horizontal distances and elevation; distance measurement with the measurement beam chopped; the possibility of external power source connection.